I have several patients at this time “battling” cancer. The severity of the Western Medical treatments leaves them greatly debilitated, aged, demoralized, and mentally negative. There is so much fear in the process for them, starting from the time they hear the “C” word and continuing on for the rest of their lives. It becomes like a post traumatic stress syndrome.

There is research and articles to read which prove that this jolt of panic/fear/adrenaline rushing thru the body is the biggest source of origin for Cancer cells to accelerate growth.  It is proven that this jolt knocks the immune system completely out of whack for quite some time. Staying calm, getting a meditation/spiritual practice/faith going are essential to survival of this ordeal, as it is practiced in our country.

The “natural” preventatives for Cancer are: Vitamin D,magnesium and zinc, garlic, lycopene, sawpalmetto, soy isoflavones, carotenoids, turmeric, resveratrol, ImmPower (mushroom extract AHCC), properly processed shark cartilage, IP6 (Inositol hexaphosphate), and iron reduction techniques. I recommend getting a program of using these products as soon as possible as the rate of Cancer patients is going up astronomically.

I believe the atmosphere we live in is so penetrated with petroleum based products that compromise our systems and cause the body to be available to launch into Cancer when the stress triggers mention above are active. The air, the soil-and as a result our food, and our Western synthesized medicines are all filled with toxic petroleum based by products that our bodies were not designed to process. It reaks havoc on the physiological system to attempt to do something with these products. The normal functions are “gunked up” by the substance of these products, and the actions of the system are thrown off and short circuited.

Having a low level stress life, supporting your immune system, and taking the recommended supplemental support can optimize your chances of staying Cancer free.