In choosing the air filter that I will live with, one that will give me clean, healthy air in my home, even during a “State of Emergency”, I discovered several things.  I tried a Hepa filter that I ran out and bought at Home Depot.  It did nothing to abate the symptoms I was experiencing from the air of the CA fires.  I returned it. 

I had, in the past, tried several brands of non-functional air filters from Brookstone and other commercially advertized stores.

I ended up purchasing a Nikken air filter for it’s many qualities of creating fresh air, it’s quietness, it’s size, and the convenience of changing the filter every 5 years. You can order this filter, like I did from  Deb makes ordering and delivery easy, fast, and super convenient. 

Then I decided to support that air filter with another filtering concept that I had owned previously. This product claims the best smoke, mold, dander, etc. elimination in the business.  It uses Ozone to immobilize the particles and cause them to fall to the ground.  There has been some criticism about the use of ozone, which in high doses can cause unhealthy effects.  I will be trying this filter for a trial period and will report back to you about the results.

In the meantime, the Nikken air filter from is my top choice.