Today it is 97 degrees, the fires have been burning for several days, and we have all filled our lungs with the smoke until it is something we can feel. I waken each morning with a sore throat, take my Air Armor, and wait to feel more normal

Today the normal didn’t come. I am very aware of a respiratory tract sensitivity, a vague rawness and some chest constriction. I found myself telling my elderly mother to seriously consider leaving town until the smoke cleared, and in attempting to convince her to do so, realized we all were having our health compromised with the almost invisible experience of breathing this smoke.

I feel the elderly and children are particularly vulnerable to the damages that breathing the smoke will create. They will likely be more susceptible to the winter colds/flus, and pneumonia. And I do feel that the damage created by this time of breathing the smoke will have a longterm effect on how we experience our transitions at the end of our lives.

At the moment no one is speaking of it. It is an obvious problem, our wise choice would be to leave town until the smoke literally clears. In the event that that is not possible, all the fortification of the Upper Respiratory Tract Infection products and Immune System boosters is a good idea. You can find them in the last posted article on colds/flus.

Add Sambucol to this regime. Available thru

Stay indoors as much as possible. Limit aerobic exercise unless done in an environment with filtered air. Connect to loved ones and discuss the good that comes with these fires. I noticed the gorgeous sunsets and the mutual loving concern of relations and friends. Lending a hand when needed (the Red Cross is one place) to contribute to our community.

Making the wise, heartfelt choices during this time will get us all thru it together. We can turn it all into a cup 1/2 full situation. May you experience the best!