There is a new emotional freedom technique I continue to hear about in the healing community called EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques.

My friend of 30 years, Angela Treat Lyon, is one of the original practitioners in the field, has written several books on the subject, has practiced privately for several years, and holds regular teleconference calls to offer EFT support for various requested topics.

She is one of the biggest contributors in this field. I can attest to her personal integrity, her commitment to her own growth, and her equal commitment to yours.

I endorse Angela’s work and recommend you add her to your support team.

Research further at, or click her name, Angela Treat Lyon, on my blogroll in the right hand sidebar and when you reach her home page click onto her EFT site and you are there.

You will be glad you did.

And do take a peek at her artwork. It is amazing and very fabulous….