I am moved to be a great participant in changing the current tide of Global Warming.  I find it provides us with a universal cause with which we can actively connect to each other for a positive purpose.

As the information about how to participate is being disseminated, I am becoming aware that more information and education about our choices is important.

For instance, I recently became aware from first a patient who has a GREEN Interior Design company and then another doctor in his newsletter, that the compact florescent lighting which has been recommended as a change from incandescent for lowering energy consumption and therefor the CO2 emissions have mercury inside them.  When we dispose of these bulbs, they will contaminate the soil and water on our planet.

LED lighting is the intelligent choice.  No pollution while no CO2 emissions.

Then there is the decision about what energy source to use for our personal transportation. Some of the alternative energy sources like biodiesel have emissions with negative consequences too.  So far, electric  cars seem the best choice until the infrastructure makes hydrogen available. But then you have to consider their lightweight construction for safety reasons, also that they don`t get too far on the open road.

We need more education to move constantly in the right direction.  Moving in the right direction is what is important, beginning the movement and donating tax deductably to TreePeople while getting your research and choices together is the move to make until you are ready.