I studied homeopathic medicine for several years because it was the medicine that worked the best for me personally. I love it because there are absolutely no side effects whatsoever, it is gentle, subtle in its effect, and when the accurate remedy and potency are prescribed, it works miraculously.

I had an early experience with a female homeopath from India who was an MD that impressed me greatly and inspired my subsequent study. She was able to eliminate long term deep disease patterns that had begun in childhood. This was something no other style of medicine addressed. Homeopathy is able to “unwind” a disease pattern out of the body forever by taking you back thru time and eliminating the pattern entirely.

Simple symptoms like earache, headache, nausea, bladder infection, muscle strain, joint aches, dizziness, etc are easily alleviated with a single dose of the accurately prescribed homeopathic remedy. This is symptomatic use of the remedies.

The finding of a “Constitutional” remedy which will support the individual person, all persons being unique, is a fascinating process. The modalities used to diagnose are unusual. I specifically remember seeing “dizzy when the wind hits the left cheek”. The specificity and unusualness of the modalities allows this medicine to search deep into the uniqueness of each individual for an appropriate remedy to support that particular system.

These are the wonderful reasons to choose homeopathy over any other medicine. It is unique in it`s view of the health system, clean in it`s delivery of the medicine, accessible to everyone over the counter, and effective when used intelligently.

Give homeopathic medicine a try, you will enjoy it!