As I emailed personal thanks to my friends, relatives, colleagues and patients who have given me so much support for my development both professionally and personally I found myself moved to write about how grateful I am for that development.

My personal journey to be a Medicine Woman is so exciting and magical, definitely challenging, and always exactly right.  I am lucky enough to be fulfilling my destiny.  I have been uncompromising in my direction and studies.  I have been supported in this by the most wonderful teachers, the most unlikely lookers on, and the best of friends.  I am very aware of the gift this is.  I am very aware that I am fulfilling a predetermined destiny.  I am very aware that the vein of medicine I have chosen to utilize, study, and practice is unique to me.

And that keen awareness makes me conscious of the responsibility I have to contribute this knowledge to you.  To give it back to you as I have sifted it thru myself literally.  I have tested and utilized all of the health practices I am now ready to share.  And I live the proof of their effectiveness every day.  I wear it on my face.  I am delighted to share it with you.

At the moment I am grateful to my web designers who have given me this great tool to reach you.  I am grateful to sit now at my keyboard and have such an easy way to give to you all that has been developing inside of me all these years.  I am gratefu to myself for meeting the challenge of developing the skill, and learning what was necessary to utilize this great communication tool.

My father used to say “Here comes the Healthy One!” every time he saw me.  I have titled my second book that in honor of how he saw my destiny at a very early age.  Apparently I have worn it all my life, visible to those who could see it.  So, in the two books I am writing at the moment are the beginnings of giving you a lifetime of knowledge of living and being the Healthy One.

May you choose to be the Healthy One as well!