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BCelebrated Blog Entry • Thursday, Nov. 19, 2009

Forty Two days to go … things are already happening.

Its’ 42 days until A YEAR TO LIVE begins, but already I’m getting “reports from the field” about what is happening for some people.

I had lunch with Pam Maloney who said that since agreeing to live next year as if it’s her last she’s been more present to her own experience. In yoga class she thought, “what if this was my last class ever?”. She didn’t push herself to do the best yoga EVER. She didn’t feel melancholy or remorse. She focused on her breath and allowed her awareness to turn completely inward to the magic that was going on inside her body. She became immediately aware of the effervescent cell activity. Now, many people might live the next 10 years as if each one was their last and never feel the effervescence of life inside them. We all have different callings, gifts and experiences and this is one of Pam’s.

As a child Pam was always aware of this energy inside her. She’s a very sensitive being, which is probably why she’s a great health practitioner. When she was young she felt that all of this energy she could sense was a bit much for the “real world”. It made her different, so she dimmed her own light. She refers to it as switching stations. The station she was tuned into at birth plays this incredible energy and gives her the ability to see auras and sense energies. But to “fit in” she tuned into the station she calls “The Mass Agreement Field”. It allows her to feel normal, at the cost of feeling extraordinary.

Agreeing to live next year as her last has inspired her to tap back into the station that was most natural for her as a child. Pam made it through the yoga class, so it probably wasn’t her last, but living as it was has re-introduced her to a wonderful world. I can only imagine what the year might bring her.

Before we parted Pam asked, “Do you think by living this way, we’ll be feel prepared and open-hearted when the time really comes?” “I hope so”, I answered. I really do.

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