There are increasing concerns about food safety and the fact that many processed foods are made from genetically modified products, irradiated foods, and non-organic food sources.

Organically grown foods have been grown on land that is absent of any chemicals for a minimum of 3 years. The crops are grown without the use of pesticides, chemically produced feritlizer or any chemicals whatsoever. Organic foods are processed and packaged without the use of artificial preservatives, colorings, irradiation or any other additives.

The liver and kidneys take the hit from ingesting pesticides, artificial preservatives, colorings, and petrochemical created fertilizers. It is a great strain on them to process these substances. Some non-organic ingredients are stored in the fatty tissues of the body so as to keep them out of the blood stream and away from the overtaxed organs. They get dumped out later when you loose weight and the fat breaks down. This is a toxic situation for the body.

We also experience the “side effects” of the non-organic substances in the plants we end up ingesting. We may not remember where the effects came from. Perhaps from the salad we ate, or the nutritional supplements we take everyday. The symptoms may be subtle, and the origins are forgotten, or hidden within several ingredients of the products we ingest. It is a strong concern, and very important to keep yourself from ingesting toxic or non-organic substances.

Choosing organic over non-organic will allow your body to function the way God designed it. Our digestive tracts and organs were specifially designed to process the natural, organic plant products that grow on the earth. The physical human system was not designed to assimilate the non-organic substances in pharmaceuiticals, pesticides, artificial coloring, artificial flavor, irradiation, genetically modified, and chemically created fertilizers.

Staying with the consistent choice of pure, natural organic products will eliminate as much as possible the excess use of your energy and overtaxing that the organs have to do when challenged by the necessity of processing non-organic ingredients.

1) You will experience the benefit of more energy available to you for your life as your energy is not tied up in assimilating substances the body is not designed to know how to process.

2) You will look younger and

3) You will radiate vitality as the natural, organic ingredients of foods and food supplements are easily and speedily assimilable, go directly to the blood stream, and show up on the skin. This look demonstrates what is going on in all of the organs and tissues. Pure, immediate vitality.

It is definitely a no brainer best choice possible to choose organic food and supplement sources.