This summer heatwave brought on a flurry of the above. The outbreaks were violent, ranging from extreme laryngitis, paroxysms of coughing, sinusitis, ear infections, Meniere’s symptoms, projectile vomiting and persistant diarrhea accompanied by intermittent fever. Very uncomfortable. My usual arsenal of Chinese herbs, Occilococinum, Air Borne, Ecchinacea, Coloidal Silver, golden Seal, Olive oil extract, Sambucol etc. found a new companion that I wanted to share with you.

From Switzerland, GeloMyrtol, an herbal proprietary blend was a new discovery for me. It kept me free of the intensity of all these symptoms while treating the patients who came to me.

I find it a great new companion, and take it with the others depending on which symptoms are dominant and where I am in the process of the sickness.

Ever grateful for the pulse/tongue diagnosis of Chinese Medicine and the odd modalities of Homeopathic Medicine which allows me to have a great heads up to what is coming down the road for my patients. I am most often able to turn the path of oncoming misery back to health using this group of products.

Both Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy use different herbs/ingredients for the unique distinctions of all the various stages of viral/bacterial upper respiratory tract infections. I am grateful for this, as I am able to treat with a high degree of specificity. I like that.

GeloMyrtol supports any stage of all of these symptoms to arrest the process in its tracks. I highly recommend it for your medicine chest.