Diet is such a vast subject, but what I want to say about it is that everything we ingest through our mouths, lungs, and skin becomes the food for our cells, all of our cells. No one ever talks about those three ways of taking in our environment together, but I will now.

Everything we make a conscious choice to eat, drink, inhale, or put topically on our skin goes immediately to our bloodstream. Most of us know this, we are somewhat conscious of it, and make choices most of the time as to what we want to put on the inside and outside surfaces of ourselves. We forget, or do not notice the invisible things in the air we breathe all day and night, and the water we bathe and shower in, as well as any lotions, perfumes, deodorants, etc. These go into our bloodstream too, and are assimilated and used the same as food.

Important stuff, important concept.

I will be having a complete chapter on this and many more topics in my upcoming book “Alternative Health Wealth”. The angles to this approach to health are fresh, and every referral is to natural approaches. It is exciting to me to present this to you in the near future.

Coming soon….