The use of popular hair dyes can produce extreme allergic reactions, and may even kill you – even if you have used the same hair dye for years with little or no ill-effects.

In one recent case, a woman in the UK, Julia McCabe, last week fell into a coma following her use of L’Oreal Preferences hair dye. “Mr Miller said his daughter had dyed her hair regularly for several years and had used the L’Oreal product in the past. He believes she did a skin test before using the dye.”

A month earlier, a teenaged girl, Tabatha McCourt, died in agony. “A chemical called p-Phenylenediamine has reportedly been suggested as a possible cause for the sudden reaction. Emma Meredith, head of scientific research at the Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association, explained it is used in many dyes that darken hair.”

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Julie McCabe and Tabatha