Meet Dr. Pamela Maloney of Santa Monica, CA

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Customizing radiant health programs for individuals and groups.

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Discover the true wealth in achieving radiant health!

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Read online several published magazine articles written by Dr. Maloney.

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Meet DR. Pamela Maloney of Santa Monica, CA

Pamela Maloney, PhD, DHM, Lac has been in private practice for over 40 years in Santa Monica, California. Dr. Maloney specializes in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology, Homeopathic Medicine, Ergonomics, and Traditional Naturopathy. Her clients include A-List celebrities and notables in a variety of industries.
She is the author of “Radiant Health & Timeless Beauty” and has published several online articles on the benefits of natural medicine and alternative healthcare. She is also featured in several magazines, including Self, and provides a free lecture series for the public.

Radiant Health Timeless Beauty by Dr.Pamela Maloney

You want to know the secret to everlasting health and beauty? This book tells you how to do it Naturally, Timelessly!!
Dr Maloney shares an innovative and fresh perspective toward a true Timeless health, beauty, and longevity in her groundbreaking book, “Radiant Health & Timeless Beauty.”
Utilizing the treasures of Mother Nature, which include Homeopathic and Chinese medicines, Traditional Naturopathy, and herbs, combined with natural health and beauty tips, Dr. Maloney manifests an ageless body for you.

Lymphatic Drainage Using Light Beam Generator

Each human body is unique. Born with a unique combination of cells and each cell with its own energy, no two human beings are the same. This is our blueprint …our electromagnetic signature.
Our electromagnetic signature is our body’s method of control – a control from within that affects the mind, the body, and our well-being. Cells in the body have a natural polarity, a polarity that when balanced, places our blueprint in a restored state of health and optimal well-being.