During a routine visit, Jasmine’s doctor persuaded her to get the Gardisil vaccine because it would help keep her safe from developing cervical cancer in the future.

Shortly after the vaccine she noticed dry skin and warts appearing on her hands. She complained that she thought she was losing more hair than usual and that her pimples were getting worse. Although, her symptoms continued to get worse the doctors gave Jasmine her second and third Gardisil shots. She died shortly thereafter.

We at Health Freedom Alliance have warned about the dangers of Gardisil shot before and now want to pass along a plea by Jasmine’s mother and hope you will forward it to your friends and loved ones.

“It is too late for my daughter, but while they investigate her death why doesn’t the government put a stop to this vaccine? Why won’t they stop it and save a whole generation of young girls from potentially being maimed for life or possibly dying? Have they no regard for humanity? And how can pharmaceutical companies get away with murder by succeeding with a fast tracked poison to be administered into people knowing it could have a disastrous outcome? In the bible it stated that the love of money is the root of all evil. Isn’t that the truth!”

Ms Renata, we feel your pain and are sickened by the systems and complicit media that propel the lies and disinformation regarding this useless vaccine. We pledge to spread your story far and wide in hopes to save lives. Thank you for speaking out!